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Home Inspections

A home inspection is important whether you are buying or selling your home.
For Buyers:

CONGRATULATIONS! You have found one of the leading home inspection firms in your area. Peace of Mind Inspections will give you just that- peace of mind, we guarantee an unbiased and accurate evaluation of your future home to ensure a fair and smooth transaction. A home inspection allows you to proceed with the confidence of knowing that you are getting what you pay for.

For most people the home is the single largest investment of their lives. You do not want to go into this blindly. During the real-estate transaction most realtors will give you the option to make the sale of the house dependant on the outcome of the home inspection. An increasing number of buyers (currently around 80%) are taking advantage of this to avoid unknowingly investing in a money pit. If major deficiencies are found, the transaction can be re-negotiated or canceled without penalty. For our nominal fee we take pride in finding and disclosing all major repairs, safety issues, and helping you to plan for deferred cost items that should be saved for. We help by catching small issues before they become major problems and identifying safety issues before anyone gets hurt.  We also include a 100 day warranty from the date of the inspection.

You are encouraged to attend the home inspection and to ask as many questions as needed to allow you to confidently move forward in the transaction. The typical home inspection lasts from 2-3 hours. If for whatever reason you are not able to attend the home inspection we will get a copy of your report to you and of course I am always available to answer any questions that may arise. Our job is to make sure you understand the condition of your new home.

No house is perfect, find out where the flaws in your prospective home are.

For Sellers:

Peace of Mind Inspections has a lot to offer you as well. We can keep your prices more stable and reduce the amount of time your home is on the market. Currently around 80% of prospective buyers are going to insist on a home inspection before closing. If the inspection reveals unexpected problems with the house, many will attempt to re-negotiate or worse, withdraw their offer altogether! This can be avoided by having a seller inspection preformed allowing you to give complete disclosure and attracting only buyers with potential to buy your home. We also provide the Move-in-Certified Program in which we will put a sign in the yard letting everyone know that all major systems have been repaired and all safety issues have been addressed.